Team Managers Guide to League Registration(s) (Select)


As a team manager for Renegades Soccer Club, it is your responsibility to register your select team for various leagues throughout the year. This article provides guidance on the registration process for different leagues. Please note that the availability of league seats depends on the previous season's performance, and the Renegades Leadership team determines which coaches receive seats for each league. Follow the steps outlined below to ensure a smooth registration process.

League Options: Renegades Soccer Club offers the following select leagues for team registration:

  1. Girls Academy (GA)
  2. Boys Classic League
  3. Girls Classic League
  4. Frontier Development League
  5. E64
  6. PPIL (Plano Premier Invitational League)
  8. RPL/NPL

Registration Process Overview:

Before proceeding with the registration process, familiarize yourself with the specific registration system and requirements for each league. In general, the registration process involves the following steps:

  1. Access the Registration System:

  2. Access the Team in Renegades Operations:

    • Coordinate with the Renegades Operations team to gain access to your team in the respective league system.
  3. Populate Rosters in the System:

    • Ensure all player information, including names, jersey number, positions, and contact details, is accurately entered into the system.
  4. Pay the Registration Fee:

    • The Renegades Soccer Club covers the primary league fee.
    • The secondary league fee should be paid from the team's escrow account.

Pro Tip:

Utilize Google Drive: Renegades Soccer Club provides a Google Drive for each team, accessible via the Resource Section of your team's Playmetrics account. It is recommended to organize player files in this drive, including birth certificates, player photos, registration forms (US Club and/or USYS), SafeSport certifications (U18-U19), and player cards. This facilitates registration and enables assistance from the Renegades Operations team when needed.


League-Specific Registration Procedures:

Since the registration procedures vary for each league, we have provided links below to assist you throughout the process. If you require support from the Renegades Operations team, please utilize the Manager Request Form located on the Renegades Support Team.

  1. Girls Academy (GA)

  2. Boys Classic League

  3. Girls Classic League - USYS (NTSSA form)

  4. PPIL - USYS (NTSSA form)

  5. Frontier Development League

  6. E64

  8. NPL


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