Multi Player Discount Policy

Multi-Player Discount Details:

At Renegades Soccer, we value and appreciate the commitment of families with multiple players participating in our club. To support these families, we offer a multi-player discount, allowing siblings to enjoy the sport together while receiving a financial benefit. This article provides detailed information about the multi-player discount policy, including eligibility criteria and troubleshooting steps for applying the discount.

  1. Discount Calculation: Families with multiple players at Renegades Soccer are eligible for a 20% discount on Renegades Club Dues for each additional sibling beyond the first (oldest) Renegade. The first player pays full dues, while subsequent players receive the discount.

  2. Eligibility:  a. Registration: To avail the multi-player discount, all siblings must be registered on PlayMetrics simultaneously. Registering separately may prevent the discount from being automatically applied.  b. Full-Paying Players: The multi-player discount is applicable only if all players within a family are Full Paying players. Players who receive financial aid are not eligible for the multi-player discount.

Troubleshooting PlayMetrics Discount Application: If you are facing issues applying the multi-player discount through PlayMetrics, please follow these steps:

  1. Identifying the Issue: In most cases, the discount is not applied because the players were registered separately through PlayMetrics.

  2. Retroactive Application: Renegades Soccer understands and acknowledges the importance of the multi-player discount. We are happy to apply the discount retroactively if you encounter difficulties during the registration process.  Parent Request Form: To request retroactive application of the multi-player discount, please use our Parent Request Form. This form lets you provide the necessary information for our team to process your request efficiently.

  3. Processing Time: Once you submit the Parent Request Form, please allow 8-10 business days before your billing cycle to ensure our Renegades Ninjas have sufficient time to review and process your request.

Exceptions to the Multi-Player Discount: In most cases, the multi-player discount is not applied when one of your players is not classified as a Full-Paying player. This ensures fairness and consistency in the application of the discount policy.



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