PPIL - Game Day Requirements- Spring 2023

Always make sure you double check your schedule before you leave for the game. 


Game Day Requirements   ----

(any issues at the fields please call 972-665-6804 – this number is for outside of normal business hours or look for the field marshal).


Please remind your parents to leave their pets at home.



Home team will post the score.  Please click on this link   https://system.gotsport.com/org_event/events/21397/submit_pins/new                         


Pin is 2223- enter your Game Number click Search and enter the Scores and click Save.



Each team is required to pay the referee fees which will be (½) the middle and (1) linesman. The referee fees will be: 

U11-U12-Middle       $50        Linesman       $34               

U13-U14-Middle       $76        Linesman       $50              

U15-U16-Middle       $80        Linesman       $55              

U17-U19-Middle       $90        Linesman       $60              


Teams need to bring correct change to the field, preferably cash.



Guest players are not allowed.  


Club Player Pass will be allowed if the electronic CPP form has been completed and approved according to the rules. 

Club Pass submission deadlines:

o      Noon on Monday for Tuesday games

o      Noon on Tuesday for Wednesday games

o      Noon on Wednesday for Thursday games

o      5:00pm on Thursday for Saturday and Sunday games

§    CCP will NOT be approved at the fields

 Rosters will freeze:

1.                 Noon on Monday for Tuesday games

2.                 Noon on Tuesday for Wednesday games

3.                 Noon on Wednesday for Thursday games

4.                 Noon on Friday for Saturday and Sunday games       


Home team wears white and will be required to change if there is a color conflict. However, the visiting team cannot wear white, or a light color, to force the home team into a jersey change.  If the visiting team wears white they will be required to change.


Flags will be laying by the players benches for the first game scheduled on the field.  Each team is required to put up two flags.


Each team needs to bring a game ball to every game


Each must be able to show the referee's their virtual ID cards

Open up a  “Browser Window” on your “Smart Phone

Login to your “GotSport Team Account

Click on “Team Management

Go to “Teams” > Click on your “Team

Now you are on your “Team Information Page” > Click on “Rosters

Select the “Event Roster” from the drop-down box > Click on
SPRING Plano Premier Invitational League 2023” Click “Search

Click on “Documents & ID Cards

Scroll down Click on “Green VID Button

This brings up your “Team Roster”  

With your finger click on “1st Name on the list

You now will “Swipe” each “Player’s VID Card” from “Right” to “Left


No warming up in the penalty area (18 yard box).



 - If a game starts and the referees are paid and the game is then cancelled due to inclement weather before the first half ends, the game will be rescheduled, the teams will need to pay the referees and PYSA will reimburse the teams

Updated- Misconduct of Youth Players/Coaches/Assistant Coaches

o       Yellow Cards  A player receiving a second yellow card in a single game is suspended for the balance of that game and the next game within that competition.   A double yellow will go against a player's red card accumulation.

§    One game automatic suspension for the game following an individual's sixth league play yellow card

§    Any individual receiving a tenth yellow card in league play shall be immediately suspended pending a hearing

o       Red Cards  A player receiving a red card or a coach/assistant coach who is sent off is suspended for the balance of that game and the next game within that competition, or if in the last game of the competition, may be referred to North Texas for further sanctions.

§   Automatic suspension, pending a hearing, from all NTSSA-sanctioned activities following such individual's fourth league play red card.

Any report from a referee stating a player or adult used profanity will be an automatic two (2) game suspension for the offending party.       


·          Casts or Splints (this rule applies to any equipment used to protect or prevent an injury) may be worn during play only at the discretion of the referee.


·          The referee has the sole authority on the field to make all decisions including player safety in accordance with the USYSA, FIFA and PYSA guidelines. This includes but is not limited to hair accessories like clips, beads or bands, as well as jewelry.

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