Q: How do I order uniforms?

A: Ah, the stylish Select uniforms! Coaches and Team Managers are in charge of this fashion extravaganza. They'll organize player numbers and even get to customize certain elements of the kits. Your team will submit a roster to the Renegades Operations Team (info@renegadessoccer.com), and we will send you a fancy link to order your kits. Get ready to rock that coordinated look!


Q: Do I have to order the entire kit?

A: Absolutely! Our design team has poured their hearts and souls into creating the finest kits in North Texas (unofficial, of course). It's crucial for all teams, players, and coaches to sport a unified look and represent the club with style. So, yes, the entire kit, including practice gear, backpacks, and warm-ups, is a must. Get ready to slay the fashion game!


Q: How will I receive my kit?

A: We've got exciting news for you! We've revamped our Uniform Delivery Policy for the 2023-2024 season to make your life easier. In the past, Team Managers had to handle the distribution, and let's face it, it was a lot to juggle. This year, your player's kit will be delivered right to their doorstep. No more running around like a soccer-themed delivery service! There is a $35 delivery fee per kit, but trust us, the convenience is worth every penny.


Q.  Can I try on the items before I order them?

A: Of course! We want you to rock your new threads with confidence. Email us at info@renegadessoccer.com and we can coordinate a time for your player to try on the items.


Q.  How many years will I wear my uniform?

A: Get ready for a two-year fashion cycle! Our kits are designed to last and keep you looking stylish for the next couple of seasons. So get out there, score some goals, and turn heads in your fabulous uniform.


Q:  Does the club offer payment plans for uniforms?

A: The joys of fashion and finances! While we adore Capelli as our kit designer, unfortunately, they don't offer any payment plans for their fabulous creations. But fear not! The ordering process is now more convenient, and you can track your order until it arrives at your doorstep. So, let's embrace the fashionable splurge and rock those uniforms like the superstars we are!


Q:  Why is there a state and city tax on my uniform order?

A: The unavoidable sidekick to our uniform adventures. We wish we had the power to kick those taxes to the curb, but alas, the Renegades and Capelli are no match for the mighty tax collectors. Those sneaky charges come directly from the 3rd party vendor system, and they've got their own rules. State and local taxes are determined based on the shipping address provided, and the IRS is more than happy to collect their share. So, unfortunately, it's not our fault—blame it on the tax man!


Q:  How do I choose my Player's number?

A: When it comes to choosing your player's number, we've got a team effort going on. Your player's number is coordinated with the assistance of your Team Manager and Coach. They will guide you through the process and help you select the perfect number for your player.


Q:  I have not received the link from Capelli to order my uniform.  Please help.

A:  We understand your excitement to get your hands on the uniform, and we apologize for any delay in receiving the emailed link. Our team is working diligently to process the orders and ensure that each player receives the link in a timely manner.

Please be patient, as it typically takes around 3-5 days for the link to be sent to your email. If you haven't received it within that timeframe, don't worry! Feel free to reach out to us again, and we'll make sure to assist you promptly.

Remember, soccer parents, it's not just a uniform—it's a statement. So get ready to showcase your style and cheer on your little athletes in the most fashionable way possible!


Q:  How can I order additional uniform items?

A:  In order to order additional uniform products, you must wait until 24 hours after your initial uniform kit order.  After your initial order has been in the system for 24 hours, please follow the steps below to order additional products:

Follow one of these links as it applies to your player - OPEN ON A DESKTOP/LAPTOP OR TABLET ONLY

Academy Players


Select - Boys

Field Player:  https://teams.us.capellisport.com/renegbnplsc/man100/mandatorykit/1115

Goal Keeper:  https://teams.us.capellisport.com/renegbnplsc/man200/goalkeeper/1115

Select – Girls

Field Player:  https://teams.us.capellisport.com/reneggncl/man100/mandatorykit/1099

Goal Keeper:  https://teams.us.capellisport.com/reneggncl/man200/goalkeeperkit/1099

Girls Academy

Field Player:  https://teams.us.capellisport.com/renegga/man100/mandatorykit/1116

Goal Keeper:  https://teams.us.capellisport.com/renegga/man200/goalkeeperkit/1116

ECNL RL - Boys

Field Player:  https://teams.us.capellisport.com/renegbesc/man100/mandatorykit/1113

Goal Keeper:  https://teams.us.capellisport.com/renegbesc/man200/goalkeeper/1113

ECNL RL - Girls

Field Player:  https://teams.us.capellisport.com/reneggerg/man100/mandatorykit/1118

Goal Keeper:  https://teams.us.capellisport.com/reneggerg/man200/goalkeeperkit/1118

  • At the top of the web link you chose, login to your Capelli account using the email address you placed your initial order with. If you did not create an account and checked out as a guest, you will need to email Capelli and request that your order # be linked to a new account before you can order additional items (customerservice@capellisport.com)
  • After you log in, open up a new web browser and follow the same web link you just opened. The browser should identity that you have logged in and will open the order page with you logged in now to your account
  • You may be able to also log in and then press the go back button to get to this same logged in page for ordering items, but in case that doesn't work, follow the step above
  • Scroll to the bottom of all the kit products and select "Enable Adding Individual Products''
  • Scroll back up to items you need and you should have the ability to select just the items you want more of and add to your cart (top right had corner of the web page)
  • If you have trouble with any of these steps, please email info@renegadessoccer.com for assistance




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