International Clearance for Player Ages 10-17

International clearance is a crucial step in the registration process for soccer players who were not born in the United States but wish to play for a club or association within the country. This process ensures that players meet the necessary eligibility requirements and have the proper documentation to participate in organized North Texas soccer competitions. The clearance application requires specific forms and supporting documents to be submitted for review. In this guide, we will provide an overview of the different clearance form types and the documentation needed for each.

Required Documentation

  • Club statement: A statement from the club endorsing the player's registration and explaining the circumstances that qualify them for the specific exception. This statement should be provided for all exception clearance types. (Must be filled out by a Club Representative)

Club Statement Template Link

  • Parent statement (for Parent Move Exception only): In cases where the player's parents have moved to the country for reasons unrelated to football, a statement from the parents should be included to support the exception request.

Parent/Guardian Template Link


FIFA Minor Exceptions

  • 5 Year Exception: This exception applies when a player is registering for the first time and has lived continuously in the country of intended registration for the past five years. The player must provide proof of residency for the required period.

5 Year Exception Template Link

  • Parents Move Exception: This exception is applicable when the player's parents have moved to the country where the player wants to register for reasons unrelated to football. It includes situations where United States citizens return to the U.S. after studying or playing abroad with an affiliated club or league.

Parents Move Exception Template Link

  • Exchange Student Exception: This exception is for players who are temporarily moving without their parents for academic reasons as part of an exchange program. The player's registration duration should not exceed one year, and the club they are registering with must be purely amateur and have no professional affiliation.

Exchange Student Exception Template Link

  • Humanitarian Exception (Accompanied/Unaccompanied): This exception applies when a player is moving due to humanitarian reasons and cannot be expected to return to their country of origin. Accompanied applies when the player is moving with their parent(s), while unaccompanied applies when the player is moving without their parent(s).

Humanitarian Exception Template Link

Ensure that all documents are in PDF format and submitted as separate files. Incomplete applications will be returned, so it is crucial to provide all required documentation and answer all questions on the application form. When submitting the application, please include the following in the subject line of the submission: Form Name (ex. P10)/Player Name (Last, First, Middle)/Player Date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY)/Association or Club

Submit the completed application and all required documents to the designated email address for international clearance requests:

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