How do I resolve issues with my Capelli Uniform order?

We understand that some of you may have experienced issues with your Capelli uniforms, and we want to help you resolve these concerns as quickly as possible. To streamline the process, we have worked with Capelli to set up a dedicated help desk with Capelli Sport's customer service team to assist you. Please follow the instructions below to ensure your issue is addressed promptly:

Contacting Capelli Sport Customer Service: To report a uniform defect or any other related issues, please send an email to

In the subject line, make sure to include the following details:

Subject Line

  • Club Name: Insert the name of your soccer club (e.g., Renegades).
  • Order #: Enter the order number associated with the uniform purchase.  This is included in the Capelli Confirmation Email.image (2).png
  • Issue Description: Briefly describe the specific issue you are facing with the uniform. Use keywords such as "logo/number peeling," "missing item," "wrong size," or "wrong item."

Here are two examples of how to format the subject line correctly:

  • Example 1: Renegades Order #12345 - Jersey Logo Peeling 
  • Example 2: Renegades Order #6789 - Missing Game Shorts

Body of the Email:

In the body of the email, restate the issue description for clarity, using the same format as mentioned in the subject line:


To help the Capelli Sport team better understand and resolve the issue, please attach pictures of the issue that illustrate the problem with the uniform, such as peeling logos/numbers or any other visible defects.

Rest assured that Capelli Sport is aware of these uniform challenges and is committed to resolving them promptly.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your patience as we work toward a resolution. 


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