How to Request a Reimbursement

As a reimbursement submitter you have the ability to submit a reimbursement request for team expenses that were purchased with a method other than the team account debit card.


Navigate to "Account" in the bottom navigation, tap the dropdown icon "v" in the left corner of your screen and tap "Fees" from the list.


From here tap the "Ellipses" button and "Manage Reimbursements" from the drop down.


Next, tap the "Plus" button.


From here, fill out the information in the reimbursement request including:

Bank Account Destination Information - The bank account the money will be sent to.

Description - Enter the description of the overall expense(s) (Ex. Team travel).

Amount - Enter the expense amount in $.

Details - Enter the details of the individual expense (Ex. Team lunch).

Date of Purchase - Enter the date the expense occurred. 

Receipt - Upload a receipt of the expense as proof.

Once you have filled out the information click the "Submit Request" button and confirm the action.


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